Notung, Mognyr, and Sequoia spent their entire lived secluded in the Haarken forest. With the aid of the mysterious warforged, Trap, will they be able to summon the courage to be the heroes that the world needs?

Current Quest:
Investigate the cave housing a tribe of Spider Goblins
Assist Goldspinner in reaching Hammerfast with cargo intact.

Current Event:
Track the escaped goblin warrior through the cave complex.

Past Quests:
Discover reason behind the presence of a white dragon in Harken Forest
Reach Coppernight Hold, and save Kavalar Coppernight from the kobold threat.
Accompany Coppernight to the town of Glimmer Peak
Gather information in village as to caravan’s traveling north on the Iron Road

Next session: Thursday, May 19, EIGHT O’ CLOCK!

Children of the Stone

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